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Riva Split Dalmatia Croatia - 30/12/2016 - New Year 2017

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West Coast

Happy Holidays!

Advent 2016 Split Dalmatia Croatia

Advent 2016 - Split Dalmatia Croatia

My Edited Video - Sveta Luce - St Lucy - Split, Croatia

Saint Nicholas day

Thank you!

The best in Mediterranean - Advent in Split

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The day of the town of Zadar

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Good evening dear friends

Good evening dear friends, greetings from Split Croatia!

Visit web-site about Split, and download free Android app TGM for Split, Dalmatia, Croatia

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Bikes & Beach

St Martin's Church

This smallest and one of the oldest churches in Split is only 1.64 m wide and 10 m long, and is considered the most preserved sacral monument of Antiquity.

Sphinxes in Split

Here you can read about sphinxes in Split:

Nagradni natječaj - #parametar - ZNANJE VRIJEDI!

Saint Francis Split




Near the sea
Near the sea, without Android Studio. 🐬🐟🐠🐙🌊🐚
Please visit Google Play, my free Android app TGM for Split, Dalmatia, Croatia is here. ;-)

The Ship

Silver Gate


Welcome to Split, the most beautiful town in the world. This is web-site, map, and free Android app for you. Enjoy!

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